Business Process Review

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We provide Internal Audit Services in two domains - Business and Technology risks:
Technology Risk
Business Risk
We provide Internal Audit Services in two domains - Business and Technology risks:
In our Internal Audit services, we perform a thorough 'Enterprise Risk Assessment', which includes - Business, Operational, Regulatory, and Technology Risk impacting Financial Statements.
Technology Risk
Technology Risk impacting Financial Statement may be categorized as follows:
System & Network Access
Information Security policy
Hardware Encryption
Logical access policy
Program Changes, Procurement, or Development
Planning - cost, benefits, and impact analysis
User Acceptance Testing
Infrastructure Management & Operations
Technological issue reporting and initial response
Key SLA's design and implementation
ISO and SOC certification Readiness
We help organizations in obtaining certifications that help them be more credible and trustworthy in the market.
ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
SOC 1 and 2 (Service Organization Control)
Business Risk
Do you know the top 5 or top 10 biggest risks in your organization along with their:
Impact on your business,
Root causes and
Prospective solutions?

If the answer to anyone segment of the above question is a NO then it is high time to take the Next Step ahead. This is the First step to shift the risks in your organization from 'Unknown' to 'Known', which shall further support preparing and implementing a mitigation plan. In other words, by taking the first step of Reducing the residual risk.
Operational Risk impacting Financial Statement

Operations are the key activity in your Business. It goes without mentioning that each day or the moment of each workday is focused to excel in your operations since everything you do impacts your financials - Sales, Costs/Expenses, and Profitability. Nobody understands your business better than yourself. However, aspects of your business organization make a huge impact on your business' financials. For example:

Information produced, retained, and shared by each of your business functions.
Level of self-review performed by each business function, before the information reaches the subsequent process or function.
Communication among different functions or processes such as Procurement, Inventory, Supply-chain, Technology, Accounting, Human R, with that of Operations & exchange of information among different stakeholders.