Accounting and Tax

Do you prepare your Business' Books of Accounts only for Tax Filing and compliance purposes?

How much do those books help you in:
Strengthening your Operations or Procedures;
Improving Financial decisions, and
Supporting your Business Leads' with their respective Strategic Decisions?
Are you satisfied with the value yearly Audits add to your business, in addition to just satisfying the compliance requirements?

Do you get unexpected surprises in Accounting records, which may be in relation to, but not restricted to:
Sales Charge-back
Cash Flows - (unanticipated) poor recovery and over-payment.
This is the most basic yet critical aspect for any business, regardless of economic sector, industry, or scale of operation (small or medium). In our Bookkeeping Services, we do not just prepare your Books of Accounts. We help and shape your Business with our strategically and purposefully designed services.

Taking our services will not just help you bring our accounting cost down by 30%-60%, but also provide a number of value-added benefits. A few of the many examples of what might be missing from your Accounting Process can be assessed as we read below:

Revenue & Collections
Do you know which product or service (out of your portfolio) is most profitable for you, or which product or service has more strategically aligned returns for your business?

Does your business is able to define and maintain an appropriate level of inventories to allow keep a balance between loss of sales vs. wastage or redundancy?

Expenses, Contingencies & Provisions
Is your Accounting process/function Designed well to avoid payment of duplicate invoices?
(i) Can the Accounting process control if the same invoice has been claimed as an expense or booked twice in the records?
(ii) Does your Accounting process mitigate the underlying Fraud Risk of duplicate expense claims?

Payroll & Reimbursement
Is getting reasonable productivity out of the staff seems challenging?

Capital Assets, Technology & Infrastructure
Does your business have a comprehensive Asset Management system is designed and integrated that, it
not only
(i) tracks the location and reports the existence of the Capital Assets,
but also
(i)notifies about Warranty / License expirations with regards to those assets,
(ii)perform year-end Depreciation calculations BOTH as per Tax vs. Accounting Standard requirements.