About Us

Acumen AdvisErs

Service with Meaningful Purpose

Since seeding of the Practice idea in 2012, With ever-changing needs, Our Strategic Statements have evolved, but our Value system has remained the same.

We provide services where you find a meaningful purpose for your business, as well as explore ways where you may learn to succeed in your business and role. Our services are Technology-driven and help you provide solutions that are competent with the current Technology.

Elevate the functioning of the small or medium businesses to support them in managing their business and personal finances in a way that helps build better control over their profitability and growth.
Extracting better power, value for your Business from the records and documentation maintained by your Business.
Create a digital, transparent, and real-time accounting system that enhances the basic and redundant work performed by the accountants or the bookkeepers and helps people in taking better control over their finances.

Provide the most insightful services and always strive to win the confidence of clients, regardless of the circumstances or level of challenges.

Our Core Values
The foundation of our values holds on four pillars - (i) quality in service and clients’ satisfaction to the greatest possible extent; (ii) value for money in service; economic value addition to clients, by leveraging on the plethoral knowledge base and experience; (iii) creative thinking with new improved ideas, and (iv) pursue an environment and culture that welcomes and respects all.


Nourish each stakeholder's relationship with mutual trust, faith, loyalty, and confidence.


Professional Skepticism and Belief that there is something ‘better’ than existing.


Derive a strong value proposition for each stakeholder's relationship.


Show equal respect, welcome all, and encourage candid communication.